Access my money in Kenya
Kenyan shilling a background with new series of banknotes

How do I access my money?

Almost all Kenyan banks now have ATMs at most branches. The most reliable machines for international withdrawals are acknowledged as being at: I & M BankNCBA, Standard Chartered, and Barclays Bank.

They have a large network of ATMs in most Kenyan towns and support Visa, Mastercard, and Cirrus International networks.

The local currency in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling (Ksh) but US Dollars and Euros are often quoted by businesses for more expensive activities.

Ocean Tribe recommends using Wise and World Remit to send money to yourself into an MPESA account.

Diving interns will be taken to get a Safaricom SIM card for their mobile phone on arrival. This can be set up with MPESA mobile money payments.

MPESA payments are accepted by all businesses and tradesmen in Kenya. MPESA is a great way to not have to carry cash.

It is also cheaper to send money from your home debit or credit card to the MPESA account via World Remit than it is to make an ATM withdrawal.

If you need to get money sent from home then there are Western Union and Moneygram offices. It is always a good idea to have some international traveler’s cheques in the event of an emergency.

These methods are not widely used anymore as it is so easy to access money via payment and banking apps.

If you would like to bring emergency cash then US dollars made after 2008 are the ones to bring. You can use these be able to exchange or pay businesses who charge in dollars.

Don’t bring too much though as as we say above it is fairly easy to access money digitally.