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Welcome to the Ocean Tribe Diver Learning Centre. We have tried to put together information and videos from across the diving world to help you understand and study dive theory. Check out each category in the Learning Centre to find explanations, videos, and more. We hope it helps you to prepare for your PADI IDC and look forward to seeing you on the program. Along that journey to Instructor.

Dive Equipment


Dry Suit Guide

A dry suit is an essential piece of equipment for diving in colder water. Keeping warm is an important part of enjoying your dive....


PADI Instructor internships in Kenya

Featured Video


How Do You Hydrostatically Test a Scuba Tank?

The process in which you hydrostatically test a scuba tank is of utmost importance concerning safety. You test the structural integrity of the scuba...

RDP & Decompression Theory


Practical Dive Skills


24 Dive Skill Circuit for Divemaster and Instructor

The 24 dive skill circuit is a performance requirement on the PADI Divemaster course. You are also required to do a skills circuit on...

Rescue Diver Skills

Great video demonstrating how to perform the Rescue Diver Skills. You should keep up to date with the latest in rescue training and remember...

Lift Bag Use

Lift bag use is important when you wish to bring up an object heavier than 7kg. Learning how you rig and fill is the...

How to Perfect your Dive Trim

How to perfect your dive trim is something that divers are constantly striving for. Here we explore the "why and how" to go about...

How to Tie the 3 Knots for your PADI Divemaster and Instructor Program

During the search and recovery scenario from the PADI Divemaster Course or the IDC you will be required to know the following knots. Bowline ...

Dive Skills & The Environment

How to Use the RDP

Dive Theory

PADI Tips- How to Teach The Rescue Diver Course

PADI Tips- How to Teach The Divemaster Course

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