What should I bring for my diving course? Coming to learn to dive with us in Diani can be done as a standalone experience or as part of a larger safari adventure. While we encourage you to carry all the standard travel garb with regard to clothing, swimwear, sunglasses, hats etc, there are a couple of things we recommend you also have, depending on the dive course/ experience you are doing.


While your smartphone and charger are everyday items that you carry everywhere,  you might also want a larger device for doing your PADI eLearning for your diver course on. The materials look much better on iPads (where they can be viewed offline) or laptops. This is especially important for those doing dive professional training where a majority of the teaching materials are now digital.

We have free WiFi in the Ocean Tribe dive centre and free WiFi is available in almost all bars/restaurants and cafes in Diani. We can also take you to get a local SIM for your Smartphone/portable WiFi.





Log Book

Flight Tickets

Travel & Dive Insurance

Credit Card/Debit Cards

Those are the most important things, you really shouldn’t forget! Also talk to your bank if your credit card is working here! For the visa, we will provide assistance to pick the correct one and also with the extension process (which you might need, depending on the program you are on).

Health and Hygiene 

While standard health and hygiene products are available from local pharmacies and supermarkets you should try and make sure in addition you have reef-friendly sunscreen and consult your physician about anti-malarial medicine. Any prescription medication you require, you should bring along with you in case of availability here. It is also a good idea to get the diver medical completed before you come in case of any contradictions that your doctor needs to verify are ok for diving.