The question of how old do you have to be to do a diving internship is one we get asked a lot. There are very few dive internship age restrictions. The only ones that really matter are the PADI regulation that you must be at least 18 years old to start the PADI Divemaster course. However it is quite possible to begin all of the non-professional programs before you are 18 and if you sign up for a Divemaster internship or Instructor internship then you can complete all of the non-professional segments before your 18th birthday which should provide some reassurance for those of you who are taking a GAP year but are not yet 18.

There are no other age restrictions on the internships, such as a maximum age. Indeed you do not have to be a young whippersnapper to enjoy scuba diving. I know of a number of instructors who are still working into their 60s and a few weeks ago taught a lady in her mid 70s to scuba dive. As long as you are certified by a doctor as medically fit to dive then there is no reason why you cannot dive and take part in our internships and become a PADI pro.

We have a wide range of age demographics of interns from young guys on their gap years to older people enjoying career breaks or making a career change for the tropical diving job in the sun. You will make loads of friends here from around the world and have the opportunity to work in awesome locations after you qualify. Ready to sign up? Check out our fantastic range of scuba diving internship packages.