Divemaster internship itinerary

The Divemaster

internship itinerary can vary depending on:

  • What level you will start the dive instructor internship at.
  • The pace that you want to take the internship at.

Most Divemaster internship itineraries tend to last between 2-3 months but some have been longer. Below is a sample itinerary based on diving a few times a week (including course time).

Dive instructor intern Rescue course

Arrival on the Kenyan Coast

Pickup from Mombasa or Ukunda airport and transport to Diani to get you settled in at the dive intern accommodation and orientated to the dive school

Week 1 – Orientation and Open Water Course

Days 2 & 3 are spent acclimatising yourself and finding out about the local area around Diani. If you are being fitted out for your own diving equipment in Kenya this will happen on day 2. You will also run through your training schedule with the internship manager and find time to study your PADI Open Water digital materials. On day 4 it is time to start diving with the PADI Open Water Diver course which will take place over 4 days.

Week 2 – Begin to Get Advanced

Start your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course (3 days) and just get out fun diving to get experience and build your dive count. Begin PADI Specialty diver courses to be completed by the end of your program (5 in total)

Week 3 – Learn Your Rescue Skills

EFR and CPR training (1 day) followed by the PADI Rescue Diver course (3 days)and some more recreational dives and relaxation.

Week 4 – Begin the Divemaster Training

Dive theory. Log more experience dives and practice your staged diving skills.

Week 5 – Get More Specialised and Experienced

2 x PADI Specialty Diver Courses and logging experience dives

Week 6 – Divemaster Course

Now we’re getting responsible. Begin Your PADI Divemaster course and the entry-level to professional diving. 

Weeks 7-10 – Divemaster Trainee

Assist with leading divers and gaining experience, all the time logging more dives.

Weeks 8-12 – Divemaster Certification and Work Experience

Once you complete the Divemaster course it’s time for work experience with Ocean Tribe instructors.